I’m a rapper, singer, musical artist and gentlemen working and living in Houston Texas.


Artist: Pudgy

My parents moved from Brooklyn NY to Virginia (DMV) for me and my siblings to have a better life. I’ve been singing, rapping and DJ’ing since the age of five (5). I recently graduated from from Media Tech Institute with a Applied Science Degree in Music. My goal is to change the world with my music. After recording several mix tapes, I am currently finishing my album the first single is called “I Thank God” (the link is above). I’m studio versatile, I freestyle and write on site per request. The next time you visit this website I’ll probably be platinum on tour so get to know me now… I currently reside in Houston, Texas. The difference between me and others is the energy i put out, captivating my fans giving them positive and musical vibrations from my soul.


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